Little Drops of Water... Make the Mighty Ocean
Tiny Drops of Paint... Change the Whole Landscape
Your Smallest Support... Makes a Big Difference

Enlighten-Action for Epilepsy is a local, non-governmental charity that aims to raise epilepsy awareness and support those affected by epilepsy in Hong Kong.

There are over 65000 people with epilepsy in Hong Kong, though most of them prefer to live in silence due to the stigma that surrounds epilepsy making it imperative for us to build epilepsy awareness to ensure they can lead a better quality of life, a life that we take for granted!

Those affected by epilepsy in Hong Kong, our service-users need your support.

Get Involved Today to Make a Difference!

Join our “Purple Town” community to give back to the community and build a community that is supportive of those with epilepsy. Why should they suffer from discrimination and social exclusion, when they are just like you and me?

Your HK$188 per month will help support:

- 20 minutes of physiotherapy session
- 1 day’s anti-epileptic medication (new drugs not sponsored by HK Govt.)
- 15 minutes of “Doman -Delacato therapy” session
- 2 days of alternative treatment (Ketogenic diet)
- 1 session of complementary treatment (acupressure)
- 1 service-user’s visit to a community event

We believe in giving back to you!

In return, you receive the “Purple Town Benefits Card" that provides a range of exclusive privileges and discount offers in Hong Kong just for you!

Enjoy great savings while:

Shopping at various outlets across Hong Kong
Enjoying some great food and wine at popular eateries and waterholes
Indulging in various leisure and entertainment activities from golfing to artjamming
Travelling whether on business or leisure
Relaxing with a range of health and beauty options etc.